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Ring Around the Wrigley

On Sunday when I was bedazzling my sash, I had Scott pull out his new camera because I couldn’t find mine and quite frankly, his is 1 billion times better than mine. In trying to take nice close up shots of the rhinestone strand I was sewing on to the sash,¬†Scott discovered the super-duper-deluxe count-your-pores zoom feature and a camera happy monster was born! He cracks me up. A few pics from¬†his collection….

My Ring

Ring in box

Scott's Ring

Another ring in box

My Ring Set

Ring w/ band in box

Our Rings

Ring next to ring in box


Rings on couch

Then he discovered the border feature and added a little flair….

Rings with Sparkle

Rings on couch with sparkle

Then he got more creative….

Ring Doggies

Rings by dogs

Shell Rings

Rings on shells

STD Rings

Rings on STDs

Invite Rings

Rings on invitation

And then the Cubs stuff came out (anyone that knows Scott knew this was coming!)…..

Rings with Cubs

Rings on couch on Cubs

Baseball Rings

Rings on ball

Baseball Rings 2

Rings next to ball

Bobblehead Rings

Rings on Ryne Sandberg

And the all-time favorite….

Wrigley Rings

Rings invading Wrigley Field with sparkle

I think he’s found his calling.


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