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Appeasing Freckles

This past weekend, we hung an old chandelier that came from my parents’ dining room that I made pretty  for our bedroom, and after it was up and lit and decidedly not going to burn the house down, I decided the rest of the room needed a little makeover, too. I hit the computer, pulled up all of our engagement, wedding, and trash the dress photos, picked about 20 of my faves and turned them black and white, then uploaded them to Walgreens to have printed as 8×10’s.

Later that day when I went to pick them up, the cashier lady was a tiny little thing, she couldn’t have been taller than 5 feet and had sparkly eyes and a pretty smile. When I gave her my name, she lit up and became super chatty and started saying things like, “beautiful wedding!” and “amazing photos!” and was asking me all about the wedding and jumping in the ocean with our wedding duds on. And I’ll admit it was a lot of fun reminiscing. After our chat, I left with a smile and my photos in hand, I hit up the dollar store for a bunch of frames and mirrors, and hung them all when I got home.

Only, after they were all hung, I took a step back I realized they looked kinda…. vanilla.

Meh. There was way too much empty space on the wall that was screaming at me for more. So I went back to the computer, again, chose a couple dozen of my favorites, again, uploaded them to Walgreens, again, and the next morning I went to pick them up and do it all over – again. And this time when I got to the photo counter, there was a different cashier, a younger guy with moppy hair and freckles as far as the eye could see. I gave him my name and as he was grabbing the envelope with my photos he asked if I took the pictures myself or if they were done by a photographer. I was flattered that he not only thought I could take such amazing photographs, but that I could take amazing photographs of myself in the ocean from 100 feet away. I may rock a mean camera phone photo once in a while but I’m not that good. So I told him that we had them taken by a friend of ours, a photographer friend, and I waited for a repeat of the praise of the beautiful pictures I had gotten from the sweet lady the very day before. Only he started speaking another language that I had never heard before where ‘beautiful’ sounded more like copyright and ‘wedding’ sounded more like you can’t have these photos.

He said I needed a photo contract to pick up my pictures, little jerk all doing his job the right way and stuff. Where was that sweet little lady when I needed her? Lucky for me I had a signed contract at home and also lucky for me my hubs is super organized otherwise I’d be buried alive under my basement stairs and a pile of papers right now still looking for a contract we signed almost 2 years ago. So I went home, again, grabbed the contract, went back to Walgreens, again, and gave Freckles what he needed to hand over my pics to me. And finally my photo wall is complete.

I don’t remember when I had first been told to make a contract up for the rights to the photos but thank goodness I listened otherwise Walgreens would currently be the proud owners of 2 dozen pictures of my mug. Having a friendor as our photographer made it very easy to have all right and photographs signed over to us, he had no problem with any of that and while I’m not sure if a non-friendor photographer would be as quick to surrender any and all rights, if you need a starting point, this is our contract that was all copyright inclusive:

for an editable Word doc, click here —> Right of Photo Ownership Contract

Right of Photo Ownership Contract

1)      This agreement constitutes an order for portraiture services, including the taking of pictures, as agreed to by all parties:



and the below assigned photographer from: _____________________________ (Company if applicable),

on this ___ day of _________, 2012.


2)      Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that any and all rights including editing, printing, duplication, distribution and all other copyright ownership entitlements and privileges regarding proofs, final, sample prints, DVD’s, or any other media in connection with this event thereof, shall remain the property and authority of the above mentioned parties excluding the assigned photographer(s) and/or affiliated company and may not be used for advertising display, or any other purpose, without express written consent.


3)      We, the undersigned involved parties, hereby warrant that we are competent to contract in our own names. We confirm that we have read the herein agreement prior to its execution, and we are fully familiar with the contents thereof. This agreement shall be binding upon us, our heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. We verify that we have received a complete copy of this agreement with all blank lines completed.



Print                                                         Sign                                                          Date



Print                                                         Sign                                                          Date



Print (Photographer Assigned)          Sign                                                          Date


Please feel free to copy this if you need it! Have you ever run into resistance trying to print professional pictures without a contract in hand?


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Nachos Nuptials: TTD (pt 2)

Ok everyone, I had been waiting for this moment for a while, pretty much ever since you all asked me if I was planning on jumping in the pool way back when. I present to you our trash the dress photos part 2 – my favorite pictures from the whole trip. All photos courtesy of Blair’s Eye View Photography… 






After the ocean, we made our way to the pool… 







Oh yeah, we did! 

And for the animated version click here 







Of course Mr. N couldn’t resist dunking me… 






I can’t tell you how much fun I had during this photo shoot. If you’re throwing around the idea of a TTD session, I say without any hesitation to DO IT! 

And in case you missed it… 

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Nachos Nuptials: TTD (pt 1)

The morning after the wedding, Scott and I got all dressed up again (luckily my hair stayed in place overnight) and met up with Blair for our trash the dress photo shoot. I have to tell you, for me this was by far one of the most fun things we did on our trip. All photos courtesy of Blair’s Eye View Photography












Stay tuned, I’m saving the best for tomorrow! 

And in case you missed it… 

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Be Our Guest


When it came time to choose who we wanted at the wedding, initially we planned on just those that we are closest to (we actually made this decision before we were officially engaged). We thought about inviting a few friends along, but then it turned into “Well, if I invite this person, then I also have to invite x, y, and z”, and at that rate our list could have ended up a mile long! We both agreed to a small group, family only, and thought it would be easiest that way to organize the trip. So at this point, our list looked like this…..

My immediate family:

  • Parents
  • 3 sisters and significant others

His family:

  • Mom
  • Dad and Stepmom
  • Brother, sister-in-law, and 2 kids
  • 2 Uncles and significant others
  • Cousin

Our guest list was at 20 people including us, and we were happy with that.

Then in May, my bestest friend got married and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. She and I had been friends for years and she’s the type of friend that just gets me. I call her on my hour-long drive home almost everyday just to chat. She’s the type of person that tells it like it is, no-nonsense, no drama, no sugar-coating, and I adore her for that. As we were dancing and drinking the night away at her reception, I turned to Scott and told him that our wedding wouldn’t be the same without her. I had to have her there. He agreed, we made the decision to both invite one friend each, and we asked her and her husband to join us on our special day. She was excited, I was teary. Seriously, I am such a sap and cry at almost anything. I even cried once watching So You Think You Can Dance. Not kidding.

The 4 of us at their wedding (I caught the bouquet and Scott caught the garter)

The next day, Scott called up his good friend that he’s known for years and told him we’d love him and his girlfriend to be there with us in April. With no hesitation, he accepted the invitation and we were thrilled.

Now our guest list was at 24 people including us, and we were happy with that.

Then, my mom called me a few weeks later to tell me she was talking to her friend that she’s known since they were little, and invited her and her husband along. Unexpected, but no problem. Our families have known each other forever and she’s been my non-official Auntie C since I was born. So I added 2 more to the list.

Finally, our guest list was at 26 people including us, and we were happy with that.

In the long run, adding more people didn’t really make anything more difficult for us since everyone was paying for their own trips anyway. The main thing it affected was the number of invitations and STDs we’d be making and sending, but we finalized the list far enough in advance so we were ok.

I really think we have a great group of people to share our celebration with and I’m happy the list stops there. It really could have been so much bigger, but big was not what either of us envisioned when we started planning. The tricky part is going to be coming up with a guest list for our home celebration, but I’ve put that on the back burner and will worry about it in a few months.

The procrastinator’s motto: why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? One of my favorites!

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The Registry – Indecisiveness at Its Best

So after a little gentle persuasion from a friend and my future mother-in-law, I bit the bullet and registered. I had mentioned it to Scott a few times in the last month and I always got the same response – a change of subject. Before, neither of us saw the point of us registering because really,truly, we have everything we need like I mentioned in my previous post. In the end though, I decided that we should register for things to update the apartment, especially considering I have a shower coming up.

I wanted to register in person so we could both have fun with the scanning gun and see everything in person, but I finally realized that would only happen with a rag and some chloroform. So instead, I logged onto my computer and went on the Bed Bath and Beyond website and signed us up for a new registry!

My FMIL suggested that we have everything shipped to her house. At first I thought, well we’re just gonna have to bring it home and put everything away so why not just have it sent to us? But Scott brought up a good point…we probably wouldn’t be home to sign for anything, plus we don’t have a working doorbell so even if we were home, we wouldn’t know they were there. I also realized I was thinking that we would be opening gifts as they come, but we’re going to wait to open them once we get home from St. Thomas.

I started browsing for the obvious stuff – towels, sheets and bedspreads for our bed and the guest bed.

The bedding wasn’t difficult (but now that I’m looking at it again, I’m not sure about the top 2). Then it took me a while to figure out what color towels to pick. Frickin’ Libras and decisions! I seriously sat there for 45 minutes trying to decide. I finally picked neutrals in brown, tan and ivory. On to shower curtains. Poop, now I had to find one that would go with the new towels and didn’t cost $100. I finally picked this one and moved onto the kitchen stuff….

I realized that my current coffee maker is about 7 years old which had me worrying about what may be growing in it. So I added one to the list. I kind of wanted a Keurig because my parents have one and it’s a really nifty little thing, but I worry that I’ll run out of those little packets of coffee and end up in caffeine withdrawal until I get my lazy self to the store again. So I settled for a 12 cup standard. Next I started looking at dish sets even though that’s really the last thing we need, but I found some cute ones and added them in 2 colors. I actually had to google “how many plates to register for” because I had no idea what was standard. Apparently 6-8 sets is the norm, so I added 4 of each color to the registry (although now I’m thinking maybe black instead of the brown if they have them).

I moved on to the home decorations and picked a few vases…

Then I saw the rugs! We’ve been talking about getting rugs since we moved in but are a little worried cause nacho puppies have ruined quite a few of mine in the past. But a lot of the comments I got on my previous registry post said to register for stuff we’d never buy ourselves. So I figured that would qualify. I added a few more things, then I stumbled upon the table fountains. This is when I realized I have a serious problem making decisions because I went back and forth between 2 fountains for about 40 minutes. Table fountains? Really?@!? Ya. Really.

Feeling a little insecure about the list so far, I felt like I needed to add a few small things for my friends on a budget so I picked some really random things that I never knew I needed…a dish scrubber, an over the cabinet towel rack thingy, a soap dispenser, a napkin holder, etc…I was on a roll and after a few hours, decided it was time to step away from the computer.

On the one hand, I would have liked to have had the full registry experience of being in the store. However, I think the image I built up in my head of us prancing around, scanning anything and everything with fairy dust falling from the skies may have been a bit presumptuous. So on the other hand, I’m happy Scott trusts me enough to decorate the place by myself and I’m kind of glad I had the opportunity, especially considering I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my own computer. I am still a little unsure about the amount of stuff I added, though. Too much? Not enough? Too many expensive things? Grrrrrr. My Libra ways seriously make things like this tough for me and cause anxiety. In the end though, for me, it is kind of liberating thinking that stuff we had and used when we were single is moving on to a better place and we can start building with *our* stuff as a soon-to-be-married couple.

(all pictures above are from Bed Bath and Beyond)

p.s. It’s kinda funny looking at this because at the time, I didn’t think there was much cohesion in what I was picking out but now that I see these pictures all together, I had somewhat of a consistent color scheme! Woo hoo!

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Starting New Traditions – Nacho Style

Growing up Catholic in a very Jewish neighborhood was kind of fun. I  had my Confirmation as my neighbors were getting Bar Mitzvah’d, and I was able to learn about their traditions and they got to see mine. One of our family traditions was to put up Christmas lights every year on my dad’s birthday. And every year, my dad bought more and more strands of lights, so every year our house glowed a little more than the last. It was actually pretty funny being the only house on the block that had lights because we stood out like a sore thumb.


I have grown to love Christmas lights and if I could put up lights like in NL Christmas Vacation (above), I would! Over the last 2 holiday seasons, poor Mr. Na-na-nachos learned just how deep my obsession with lights during the holidays runs. He did tell me that he loved the lights at my parents’ house every year growing up which gave me the warm fuzzies inside (and the green light to go nuts, although I don’t think that was his goal, hee hee). My tradition that I started when I moved out on my own was to put up the Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving, and take them down on New Year’s Day. Mr. Nachos helped put them up last year, and was there when I bought us 4 more boxes of lights right after Christmas, just like my dad always did. He dreaded putting them up again this year, but alas, he can’t escape now and my tradition has become our tradition. 🙂 So we broke out the tape and Mr. Nachos and I successfully made it look like Santa threw up all over our apartment….

That’s Mr. N in the front room with the puppies all curled up enjoying the bright fruits of our labor. Can’t you see the proud smile on his face?

The tree in the middle room

The office

The fireplace with stockings for both of us and our 2 nacho puppies

…and what’s that hanging in the fireplace?

It’s creepy Santa! And I put little spotlights in there to light him up 🙂

A brighter picture to see the details

Middle room windows got lights too!

Little decorations in the kitchen 

The kitchen window

The swirly tree on the back deck

The view from the hallway

Needless to say, we were busy! I’m so happy with the way everything turned out and although he hates to go around and turn off all of the lights before we go to bed, I think he likes the overall look of the place as much as I do! Ok, maybe not that much, but hopefully close. I’m in love the fact that we are starting traditions like my family did and I can’t wait to share memories like the ones I have growing up, with our future family.

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Shedding my Winter Skin

Anyone that has lived in or visited Chicago in the winter knows that the bitter cold takes its toll on your skin. After being here for 32 years, I have gotten to the point of pretty much forgetting about my skin when the temperature drops because I know there isn’t much hope until it starts warming up again. I get pasty white, dry, and itchy with the occasional patch of eczema on my arm. Shaving of the legs doesn’t happen very often. I call it my winter fur. With the amount of layers I have to wear in the dead of winter, my lack of skin maintenance is my little secret that gets tucked away in my pocket until the spring clothes come back out.

I’m a bit scared this year though because this time, I can’t ignore my skin. The wedding is fast approaching and I can’t let my skin look the way it did this past April. So I decided to come up with a 7-step plan of attack, and who knows, maybe I’ll stay on this regimen for years to come. Though knowing my history, I’m guessing probably not. Baby steps.

To add to the dry winter skin dilemma, I went off the pill a year ago to up our chances down the road for little nachos. Problem is, I didn’t realize those hormones had been doing fantastic things for my skin, and once I stopped taking them, my body went a little nutzo. My forehead is like a mirror by the end of the day if I don’t blot it periodically. I now, without fail, get the PMS zit. And it’s never a little one, it’s always one of those big, painful, wake up and wonder if I somehow punched myself in the chin, underground mountains. And I hate hate HATE to admit it, but I. Had. Backne. Ugh. I actually debated going back on the pill because for years I never had any problems like this, but decided I’d have to go through this eventually so I might as well face it now.

So here’s my plan of attack against the winter skin blues to make sure it looks fabulous come April….

1. Lukewarm showers


For someone who is always cold, there is nothing better than jumping into a scalding hot shower and letting my chills wash down the drain. Though I will miss them more than anyone will know, I am convinced those showers are the number one reason my skin ends up so dry.

2. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash


I’ve always been an Ivory soap girl, but I need a little extra help fighting off those little bumps that randomly appear on my legs and upper back (ew, I still hate the thought of those). That, paired with scrubby shower gloves from CVS, seem to be doing the trick. If you’ve never tried the gloves, at $3.99 a pair I HIGHLY recommend them.


3. Clean and Clear Continuous Control Cleanser


I’ve been using this stuff for years, and although a lot of people are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, it’s the only face wash that works for me in keeping the blemishes away.

4. Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment


This is a new thing that I just started using – when I saw “100% of people saw improvement in 1 day”, I couldn’t resist! Have I mentioned that stress also has been taking a huge toll on my skin? Although the wedding planning hasn’t been too stressful thus far, knowing it’s right around the corner is starting to wreak havoc on my face. So far, this stuff is awesome!

5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize


I normally only use lotion when it’s too late and I’m all dry and flaky. But for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been coating myself in the stuff right out of the shower and it’s really making a huge difference. I’ve been using Dove cucumber/green tea lotion and I really like that I don’t feel sticky after I put it on.

6. (gasp!) Tanning


I know it is a hot topic, but I have been hitting the tanning beds, usually about once a week for the last month. Many people are against tanning, but my dermatologist actually said a little sun is good for you. It makes your skin stronger, clears up eczema, and makes your body produce Vitamin D which is critical for bone health and cell growth. My doctor actually has a stand up bed in the office for eczema patients and prescribes timed “light sessions”. It was the first thing I did when I noticed my upper back bumps (Ew. I say Ew.) and it cleared up very quickly. I don’t over expose, I go for less time than recommended, and I know it will help me not burn the second I hit the beach in St. Thomas.

7. Drink lots of water


I am normally a huge water drinker to begin with, but I’m trying to up my consumption to flush out those nasty toxins that can affect your skin in not so pretty ways. It also plumps it up and helps with those yucko dark circles.

I’m hoping to have the same glow I get in the summer for the wedding, and I’m thinking if I can stick to my plan, it will happen. As for the hormones, there’s not a whole lot I can do other than attack back when they go haywire.

I needs me some bridal glow! Fingers crossed for pretty skin in the spring….

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