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We’ve Been Busy Bees!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 weeks since we got married! In the almost 2 months since we said ‘I do’, Scott and I have actually been pretty busy…

First off,

We’re under contract!

(picture it white, we’re gonna paint it)

Yep, we’re moving to the ‘burbs and I’ll completely miss the city, but we found a quad-level, 4-bedroom/2-bath house in Glenview that we fell in love with during our search, and bonus, I’ll be closer to my parents. It’s a short sale so it’s taken a little longer than usual, but the timing has actually almost been perfect. Although we were about a month too late to get the tax credit, we’re under contract and set to close in July. No more apartment renting!!!!! So many levels to decorate and find the perfect place for Scott’s “My Best Fart” jar!


Our registry is almost complete!

(my new favorite word is fulfilled)

Yes, the registry I didn’t even want in the beginning and I have since become obsessed with. After our party, we had a blast opening gifts, and I’m now at the point where I’m buying little things here and there off of it that we didn’t get, like the last few sets of our dishes. I’m holding off on the big stuff ’til after we close on the house, just in case. It’s killing me not to be able to order those cute tables and rugs I have all laid out in my soon-to-be living room in my head, but I can wait!


My tan is gone, but so are the bug bites!

Oh those nasty no-see-ums. Seriously, they were my only complaint from our trip, the bugs that I oh so briefly mentioned in a post not so long ago. If you’ve never experienced no-see-ums, they are exactly what they sound like: little bugs you can’t see that bite you relentlessly and cause really itchy welts that take weeks to heal. They are a big problem on islands and in the mountains, and we were technically on both at once. Luckily they waited to get me above the waist until after the actual wedding, but this was me 2 days after the ceremony…

The super duper close-up shots are SO gross but I figured I’d spare ya’ll a little by shrinking them down. We bought bug spray out there and I even started spraying down the bed before we crawled in. In the beginning, Scott wasn’t convinced they were in the bed until the first night I only sprayed my side because he didn’t want to sleep in bug spray. His arm the next morning said it all. We asked the bartenders how to get away from the bugs and they all either said the bugs didn’t bother the locals, or they had various treatments we didn’t have handy – dryer sheets, citronella, Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil, etc. So if you plan to go to the islands, I suggest you bring mega bug spray, ‘they’ recommend above 30% DEET for no-see-ums if you can find it. I have never had this problem on the other islands I’ve visited in the Caribbean except for Jamaica, although I’ve never stayed somewhere down there for 2 weeks either. For the St. Thomas trip we had 29% DEET and it definitely helped for a few hours after each spray down.

And finally the one I’m most excited about and proud of,

We quit smoking!

Smoking was an awful addiction we both had that I didn’t advertise in my blog, but I admit it, I’ve been a smoker since I was 16. Um, that’s almost 17 years of smoking (minus a year-and-a-half when I quit in my 20’s), but Scott and I had planned our quit date about 6 months ago, and set it for the day we got back from St. Thomas. And I’m happy to report we’ve stuck with it thanks to the patch on me bum. Main motivation for me? Future babies. Happy, healthy future nachitos. Oh, and this!

That’s just in 6 weeks since May 1st – $7.50/day/ person adds up quick! And the sad thing is that we spent so much money over the years and had nothing to show for it aside from gross lungs and smelly hair. All that money now is going in savings and will be put towards fun house stuff. Love it! So for anyone contemplating quitting, my advice is to set your quit date far in advance and psych yourself up for it – you really have to want to quit. And the patch has made it surprisingly easy, I’m seriously shocked.

So it seems we are moving full steam ahead and I love all the new challenges and adventures I’m going through with my partner in crime. None of this would have been the same without him by my side!

What big challenges or adventures have you enjoyed taking on with your SO/FI/husband/wife?


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