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Photoshop Tutorial

So I wanted to show you all something…remember this picture from my TTD post not too long ago?

Looks like we had the beach all to ourselves, right? Wrong. This was the original picture…

Boats, buoys, swimmers…we were definitely not alone. Scott and I had typed up a release of rights for our photographer who also happens to be a good friend (so we knew he wouldn’t object). Basically it gave us full rights to the pictures – free reign to legally edit, copy and reproduce our photos. And here’s how I made the public beach our private oasis in Photoshop 3.0 .

Open the picture and click on the ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’…

Next, zoom in close and draw a box around the water right next to what you want to hide. Make your box similar in size to the object you’ll be covering. Sorry, the box is kinda hard to see in this picture but look just right of the boat…

Click Edit /Copy, then Edit /Paste (or ctrl+c, then ctrl+v). This will create a new layer with just your square that you copied from the picture.

Go back to your picture layer and change the opacity so you can see the new box/layer through it.

Select your new layer on the right so it’s your drawing layer.

Select the ‘Move Tool’ (little arrow with the cross looking thingy on the left) and drag your new box over what you want to cover.

Go back to your picture layer and change the opacity back to 100% so your picture looks like this…

Next you want to smudge the box you made to blend in with the main picture. I like the ‘Mode’ set at ‘Normal’ and the ‘Strength’ at 25%.

Um…..what boat?

I repeated the process over and over to cover everything and make us our own private beach picture. I also found that this process is very easy when using pictures with water because it blends very well.

So we went from this to that…

And how dare this woman try to grow out of Scott’s arm. Photoshop to the rescue!…

Good luck!


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