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Ring Around the Wrigley

On Sunday when I was bedazzling my sash, I had Scott pull out his new camera because I couldn’t find mine and quite frankly, his is 1 billion times better than mine. In trying to take nice close up shots of the rhinestone strand I was sewing on to the sash, Scott discovered the super-duper-deluxe count-your-pores zoom feature and a camera happy monster was born! He cracks me up. A few pics from his collection….

My Ring

Ring in box

Scott's Ring

Another ring in box

My Ring Set

Ring w/ band in box

Our Rings

Ring next to ring in box


Rings on couch

Then he discovered the border feature and added a little flair….

Rings with Sparkle

Rings on couch with sparkle

Then he got more creative….

Ring Doggies

Rings by dogs

Shell Rings

Rings on shells

STD Rings

Rings on STDs

Invite Rings

Rings on invitation

And then the Cubs stuff came out (anyone that knows Scott knew this was coming!)…..

Rings with Cubs

Rings on couch on Cubs

Baseball Rings

Rings on ball

Baseball Rings 2

Rings next to ball

Bobblehead Rings

Rings on Ryne Sandberg

And the all-time favorite….

Wrigley Rings

Rings invading Wrigley Field with sparkle

I think he’s found his calling.


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Imposter (part 2)

Ok, here are pics of the real vs the fake……

Stand In 006Stand In 007

Can you tell which one is which?


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Lately I’ve found that a lot of my free time is spent reading other people’s wedding blogs and going on wedding forums, giving and getting advice, and seeing how other people are planning their big day.

Most things I’ve come across are pretty standard when it comes to planning – finding a dress, coming up with a color scheme, food tastings, etc.

A few things have utterly shocked me – I learned all about the Diva Cup and threw up in my mouth. A lot. If you are like me and haven’t heard of this apparatus, feel free to Google it, but consider this my warning to you – it’s frightening what inventions people have come up with.

Then I stumbled upon an idea that makes total perfect sense, but I never thought of it before….the stand-in ring (or clone, or twin, or whatever you want to call it)!


A fellow wedding blogger talked about her stand-in that she picked up for around $20.  The purpose of the stand-in is so you have something that you can wear in situations where you could potentially damage or lose your real engagement ring. Perfect for when you may have to get your real ring sized and don’t want your hand to feel naked, or when you’re honeymoon snorkeling, exercising (ha!), climbing trees, scaling tall buildings, putting out fires, and alligator wrestling. This girl will use any excuse to get some bling in the mail every once in a while! On an average day, my heart stops every time one of my prongs gets stuck on something, so I can’t imagine how I’d be during our trip if I was wearing my ring in a ring-risky situation.

So I went online and looked around for an e-ring clone.  I thought about getting something hugely obnoxious just for fun.

BIG Ring(source)

But then I was worried that if I got something bigger, I’d fall in love and want to upgrade my real one to a 6 carat and put Scott in the poor house. I also thought about getting something really small so I’d appreciate my ring that much more every time I’d put it back on.

tiny ring(source)

The best option in my eyes was something as close to identical as I could. I picked one that looked pretty darn close to my real one but is just a little smaller, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and it was only $25 on eBay!



It’s coming today….I’ll post real vs. fake pics later when I have both ring twins in hand. Yea bling!

Now where’s that darn mailman……….


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