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My Bustle

Hi everyone! I’ve had lots of inquiries about my bustle so I decided to put as much info as I have about it here for you.

Here’s what I know:

My seamstress at David’s Bridal called it a ‘ballroom bustle’ but I now know that’s not the proper term for the style. One site I found refers to mine as the ‘train flip’, found here (last one on the page) although I did a google search on ‘train flip bustle’ and nothing came up…I’m guessing that’s just her term. Anywho, whatever you want to call it, I made a Photoshop mock-up of how David’s did it…

(picture the dress as see-through and everything I’m showing is on the underside of the skirt)

The red circles are buttons, and the black curvies on the end of the train are fabric hooks, all sewn to the underside. So basically the buttons come up right under my butt and the hooks are along the edge of the train, face down touching the floor. 

To bustle (again, this is all on the underside of the skirt so you don’t actually see any of this when the dress is on):

Easiest way is to start on one SIDE of the train, find the first hook and loop it over the first button, then work your way up and around the skirt till you get to the last hook and button on other side. So basically my friend ended up under my skirt in a very compromising position at one point 🙂 It took 11 hooks & buttons to get my skirt up and the bottom to lay flat.

A few things to note:

My dress was asymmetrical. So if your seamstress tells you it can’t be done because your dress is asymmetrical, either I’m the exception or he/she is wrong. All it takes is a little tweaking of where the buttons would be attached. I’m certainly no seamstress but I honestly can’t think of any kind of train that this wouldn’t work on, unless of course it’s so long that pulling it up to your butt wouldn’t actually get it off the floor. Even then though, I imagine you could attach the hooks higher up the train so it folds over itself.

And here’s every picture I have that shows off the bustle (if even just a little bit):

I really hope this helps! And if anyone knows the proper term for this bustle style, I’d love to know!!



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David’s Dresses: Model vs. Me

I was looking through pics on my computer, and I realized I never showed you all the dresses I tried on the first time I went shopping with my ladies! You know how dresses look so perfect online, then you try them on and they look nothing like they do on the model? I love seeing different dresses on real people as opposed to the staged models so I thought I’d share what real person versus model looked like from my perspective. These are all from David’s Bridal….

If you all remember, this is the dress that I bought and ended up exchanging for something totally different. Style T8076 …

Model – hehehe, I’m getting married in this little gazebo here and my teeny-weeny bouquet is so funny!:


Me – not bad but I can’t breathe because apparently this dress is made 2 sizes smaller than the regular DB sizes:

Next up, this one was part of the DB Galina line and one of the dresses I brought a picture of to try on. Style T9389…

Model – doesn’t she look so happy and skinny in a beautiful dress giggling at the funny non-existent person off to the side?:


Me – note the look of utter confusion on my face because I look nothing like the model in the dress above and it looks like my hips are about to give birth to a baby calf:

This next one we saw on a mannequin as we walked in. Of course it looked fantastic on the mannequin and the model. Style WG9828…

Model – Oh look at you in your gorgeous European garden setting, you skinny little thing:


Me – ok, not so bad from the side:

But from the front, I kept thinking I could use those pointy corners on the top to wipe my eyes as I cry tears of sadness because it looked so much better on the mannequin:

Next up was my second choice, one of the dresses I kept going back to and almost bought. Style V9409…

Model – I have nothing bad to say about her, she looks perfect:


Me – yea! Finally a good one. Flowy, lightweight, fit well even 2 sizes too big, oh I should have ordered you right there and then:

This next one I LOVED but no one else aside from my friend Sharon did. My only concern was that it was heavy and would have been too much to wear in St. Thomas. Plus at this point, we still thought we were getting married on the beach and the train wouldn’t have worked well in the sand. Style T9579…

Model – Oh model, you’re so regal. P.S. where did you get those branches in the vase? I still need some for my centerpieces. What? You’re not going to tell me? Fine then, keep staring off into the distance:


Me – not too shabby, very flattering, but just too heavy:

Up next, a few halters that I wasn’t too fond of, but the sales lady was trying to find me more “beach appropriate” dresses. First is Style T9445…

Model – Ah hahaha, oh photographer, you’re so funny:


Me – uh, no. And I have to remember to stick my chin out a little when getting photographed to avoid the double chin look:

Next is Style V9621

Model – Oh lovey, where’s my driver? I have to get to the church:


Me – um, I don’t see that poofy flair in the above picture, do you?:

This next one, we called the uni-boob because the whole boobala area was heavily beaded and my little mosquito bites, as my sister calls them, got lost in the top, making me have that not-so-flattering uni-boob effect you get from a sports bra. You know what I’m talkin ’bout. Style V9010…



Me – where did those come from? Note the silly grin on my face as I stare at my double D:

Yeah, that’s all structured dress, I really did not contribute anything to the bulge that you see. Notice the 45 degree angle from my chest to the dress:

I loved this next one, but again apparently I have different tastes than everyone else I brought with me. And I brought them for their opinions so I took what they said to heart. Style E9351…

Model – gorgeous:


Me – loved it, but I thought the satin might be too heavy:

This next one actually looks really good in the picture, but the tulle on the bottom side part made everyone giggle, and someone told me I could jump in the ocean and catch fish in it for dinner after the ceremony. Style T9669…

Model – You’re oh so dreamy and soft looking as you tiptoe through the vineyard:


Me – Why did the tulle just look so wrong when I had it on? Lobster? You want lobster for dinner? Ok, let me go catch you one:

Another from the Galina collection that the sales woman thought I’d like. This one did absolutely nothing for me. Style T9378…

Model – beautiful, dreamy, flowy:


Me – I swear I had a shape when I walked in here:

And now for MY dress. Style ML9521…

Model – not a fan of the gloves on her but the dress is perfection:


Me – ahhhh, heavenly:

Dress shopping was quite a monumental experience and I give a ton of credit to those of you that have bought your dress online without seeing it in person first. I thought all of these dresses were gorgeous on the models, but most of them were not flattering on me or beach appropriate.

What I learned: trying them on was a huge eye-opener because although the dresses looked great on the models, they didn’t necessarily fit me or what I was looking for. Also, ultimately get what you want. In the end when you’re walking down that aisle in the dress of your dreams, not one person will be thinking, “Oh, she would have looked so much better in a halter/princess style/cap sleeve/corset”. I promise. You will look beautiful in the dress that you love.

Did you buy your dress without trying it on first? If so, I give you a lot of courage-credit! If you did try on dresses, were you shocked at how different they looked on a model than they did on you?

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Like a Glove

I called up my friend Sharon this past week and asked her to meet me at David’s because my alterations were finished! The bustle is gonna be a little tricky because they didn’t color-code the hooks and buttons and it may take a while to get it all done up right. I wish I could have taken a pic of the look on Sharon’s face when the lady was showing her how it’s done because the perplexed expression said it all! It may take a village to get it to look like this but here’s the finished product and I love it….

We’ll have to smooth out the edge a bit more than it was sitting in the pictures- it’s a bit tricky because the skirt is 2 layers that are not sewn together, so the inside layer gets tucked up and kind of sits in the bubble part of the outside layer. Make sense? And my “just married” flippy floppies had arrived as well and they are the perfect height for the dress. Yea! I’m so happy to have my dress back 🙂


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A Fitting Day for a Fitting

I had my first alterations appointment yesterday at David’s so we hit the road and drove up to the store in the ‘burbs where I had bought my dress…

You can’t see it, but I have a big smile on my face cause I’m always happy when I’m with my dress. So we went in and got started.

*side note* don’t eat Burger King before going to your fitting appointment

I was told to bring in my bra and shoes that I planned on wearing with my dress, and when I put it all on, I discovered my shoes that I searched high and low for were too tall. Sad face. Because I’m a shorty, they had me order the dress in a petite, so the length is shorter than your average wedding gown, hence no extra fabric to accommodate high heels. I asked if they could add an extra layer of fabric with the same beading as on the top, but apparently David’s won’t alter the style of their dresses, just the size. Guess I’ve been watching too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress! So the alterations lady grabbed me some shoes with a 1 1/2 inch heel and got to work. First she pinned the sides because it was just a wee bit too big in the chestal area. Next she went all the way around the train and pinned the 2 layers together. …

This pic makes me laugh cause it looks like I have a twin

Finally, I had to choose how I wanted it bustled. She gave me 3 options…

  1. Over bustle – this is where they pull the skirt up from the middle and gather it at your butt. I didn’t like this option for myself cause it kind of made it look like I was pooping out my dress.
  2. Royal bustle – this one is a little tricky to describe but here goes…they do the same as above but make a little poof right around knee height, then have the rest of it coming out the bottom of the poof. Make sense? I felt like the poof didn’t really go with the asymmetrical rouching and sort of ‘competed’ with the rest of the dress
  3. Ballroom bustle – the train is pulled up under the dress and buttoned up to make it look almost like a bubble skirt. The dress ends up looking like it is all one length.

I decided to go with option 3 (I wish we had gotten a picture of it all pinned up) because I thought it looked the best with the dress style. Once she was finished pinning, I handed it over and said goodbye. When she filled out the price slip, I was a little surprised at the price, but here is the breakdown:

Take in sides: $65

Cut down armhole: $20

Ballroom bustle (first 3 buttons) $50

Each additional button for bustle: 11 buttons at $7 each=$77

Grand total: $212

Eeeek! Oh well, I guess it has to be done.

Then I decided that while we were there, I might as well check out their shoe selection since I now have to get a different pair. Luckily I can still wear the ones that I bought before with my after party dress. None of the heels really did it for me, so I tried on a pair of slippers, but they seriously looked like just that. Bedroom slippers with a few beads on them. Then I found these and decided to get them:

These were the sample pair so they’re a little dirty. I had to order a medium and they will arrive in a few months (it’s a little off-season for flip-flops being winter and all!). I’m thinking about adding a little something something to glitz them up a little, and I love the imprint on the bottom – can’t wait to walk in the sand and leave behind a trail of “just married”. Too cute. And after spending $212 on the alterations, seriously, what’s another $15? I paid my bill and out the door we went….

Looks a lot like the first pic, but notice no dress in hand so I have my sad face on. I’ll get to pick up my dress in about a month and I can’t wait to see how great it looks all steamed and fitted!

(all pictures taken by Mr. N)

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A Veil’s Details

When I bought my dress and accessories, I had my hair up in a loose messy bun (pretty much my norm these days – 5:30am workdays have killed my motivation to get up early and glam myself out). So when the sales lady put the flowers and veil in my hair, she stuck the veil underneath my poof.

Not sure what was going through my head but I love my expression!

And  I was never sure where to put my hands when trying on dresses. Ha, can someone say sexy?!?

Good full length shot

So this guy walks into a bar…

Ok, you get the picture. So the veil and flowers worked together nicely with the veil beneath the hair mess. Problem is that when I went back to David’s Bridal, they put the veil on top of my hair and I liked it more cause it made me feel more, I don’t know, bride-y? But the flowers didn’t work so much in the same place….

You can kind of see them peeking out on the right side of the pic but they got buried under the veil. I absolutely want to wear the flowers cause to me, they just scream beach-y (not to mention my mom paid $45 for them) and I really want to wear the veil on top, but I’m just not sure if it will work. I need suggestions on where exactly to put the flowers if I wear the veil higher. Funny, coming from someone who does hair for a living, I’m sure I’d have the answer if it was someone sitting in my chair. When it comes to myself though? I haven’t a clue.

Any ideas?

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Pampering the Twins

So the shoe search has been put on hold until next weekend. I stopped into the Cole Haan store yesterday and not shockingly, they didn’t have the flip-flops or bridal line I talked about in my last post. The goal that I did manage to achieve yesterday however, was nothing short of a miracle! I needed to find a bra that made me look amazing in my dress. I had an image in my head of how I wanted the girls to look, but when you’re not the most well-endowed, I wasn’t sure my vision was physically possible. Here’s another look at my dress (keep in mind I was clipped into it and only wearing a strapless bra)… 


Scott and I met up with my friend Sharon, and hit the mall. She was on a mission to see how big we could make my chestnuts look, and I was up for the challenge. We started at Macy’s, but it was slim pickins. They had the NuBra that a lot of people on the Wedding Bee message board recommended to me, but I’m very skeptical of something that somehow adheres to your skin with no straps, especially considering we’ll be in the hot weather and sweating away. Their selection of long line bras was not impressive either. They were either too big or too small and let me tell you, if it’s too big, it does nothing at all. If it’s too small, it gives you cleavage in the wrong place. Ever heard of armpit cleavage? It looks like a horizontal butt crack just below your armpit caused by your ladies being pushed up too high. It’s not pretty. Or natural. Onward we went. 

Lord & Taylor had absolutely nothing. They did have a one piece shapewear thingy though that we all got a kick out of….it was a bra/tummy/shorts bodysuit with a strategically placed opening so you don’t have to peel it off every time you have to run to the bathroom. Not sure how well that would work out, especially when it’s hard figuring out how to go in a wedding dress to begin with, but I can only imagine it getting messy. Next! 


We walked into Victoria’s Secret and Scott commented on how pink it was! It’s a girly girl store and can be a little blinding, but I still love it in there. As you all know, I love pink and all things girly, so I’m right at home in that store. We did a walk-through but didn’t see anything like what I was looking for. As we were headed towards the door, a sales lady asked if we needed help finding anything. As I was about to speak up, Scott jumped in and asked if they had anything in his size, making the sales lady giggle – I love that he can take a somewhat awkward situation and make it fun! Anywho, I described what I was looking for – a soft long line bra with little to no boning, that sat low enough on my hips that I wouldn’t have the reverse muffin top. Would that be a muffin bottom? Upside-down muffin cakes?  Whatever it is, I wanted to avoid it. 


And just like that, she poked around in a drawer, spun around, and there it was in her hand. Exactly what I was looking for! 

Only problem was that it was white and I was afraid you would be able to see it under my white dress. Rule of thumb for me – always wear nude under white. After a little persuading, I went against my better instincts and broke my rule. I tried it on with Sharon as my witness, and all of a sudden, the angels sang out and the light shone bright onto my fabulous new rack. The girls had arrived and boy were they were in charge!! Along with the Victoria’s Secret inserts which I am not ashamed to admit I’ll be wearing, I left $150 lighter (that one hurt a little but it’s SO worth it), and went to my parents’ house to try on my dress with my new found glory, and it’s absolutely perfect! And the white doesn’t show through at all. Thank you fellow Wedding Bees for suggesting the soft long line bra – it really is phenomenal what a good bra can do for the twins. Mission accomplished! 

Now if only I could find my darn shoes. 


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Don’t be Afraid to Bedazzle Yourself



It’s no secret that I love all things sparkly. Needless to say, I was sad when my friend wouldn’t let me bedazzle her wedding dress, so I decided to bedazzle myself. Yesterday I started and finished a small project that I really wasn’t sure would turn out the way I pictured it in my head.  I had bought a silver sash to wear with the white dress I’m planning on wearing after our ceremony and at the party back home (click here to see again). I had picked up a strand of rhinestones from Hobby Lobby when I was shopping for my invitation supplies and decided to sew them along the edge of the sash for a little extra bling. I truly, truly adore sparkly things and I think it’s become an obsession!

The materials I needed were:

1 strand of rhinestones

1 strand of rhinestones

David's Bridal satin sash in silver

David's Bridal satin sash in silver

and of course a needle and thread. Simple enough!

The rhinestones have material in between each stone so it made it easy to sew.

material in between rhinestones made it easier to sew

I decided not to half-ass this project so I sewed in between each and every rhinestone so it would be completely secure.

sash 005

Just getting started

Front View

Front View

Back View

Back View

It took a few hours in front of the tv and I ended up with a few puncture holes in my fingers, but it turned out so good! I tried the dress on with the sash in a simple loop (please ignore the lovely oven in the background)…

Simple loop

Simple loop

And my other option is in a bow (Hazel made an appearance, looks like she wanted some of the spotlight)…

Pretty bow

Pretty bow

I’m leaning more towards the bow, but which do you all prefer?


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