Thank You

Well everyone, it seems all things wedding are over for us and if I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Our thank you’s went out on Saturday and to me, putting them in the mail marked the closing of the wedding chapter and the beginning of the rest of my life with my husband.

For those that came with us to St. Thomas, we sent pretty postcards that we bought on our trip:

And clearly not being one to worry about little details, I decided to finally use my old stamps, heehee:

Those that attended our home reception and people that sent gifts were written nice little notes in traditional thank you cards:

Ooh, and I wrote you all thank you cards, as well! In case yours gets lost in the mail and Miss Seashell doesn’t find it, I wrote you the following:

“Dear Bees,

Thank you so much for being there for me through all of the ups and downs of our wedding planning. It would never have been the same without you, all the support, love and advice you have given me truly made the last 7 months a time in my life I will never forget. You encouraged me through the rough patches when I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed, and you shared my excitement and butterflies when I felt like I was walking on a cloud. You are a friend for life, and if you ever need anything – an ear to listen, internet hugs during the rough patches, or just a smile – I will always be here for you. I promise, I’m not going anywhere. Always know that I am here with you no matter how far away you may be, smiling and excited for you and all that you experience, just as you were and are for me.

Love you all,


p.s. If you’re not sick of me and want to follow my post-wedding afterlife, you can find me over at my personal blog, Rabit Stew. Happy wedded bliss everyone!


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