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We Interrupt This Wedding Planning….

…to show you some house hunting craziness.

So I mentioned that we decided to buy a house. ‘Member?

Well, we just put in an offer on one today! I have to say, I don’t know if this would have been possible had we not planned the wedding we did. Leaving all the little details in the hands of the hotel’s wedding coordinator has bought us a ton of free-time to see things like this…

Yes, my friends, that is me looking through a window. Hmmmm….or….is it?

In the basement of another, we found this…

…a bunch of dead creepy sea life floating in a jar (sorry Miss Jellyfish, Oyster, Starfish and Turtle).

And never forget to….

Which child are they referring to? I must have missed them.

Anywho, I just wanted to say that I have yet another reason to love our destination wedding planning, it has really helped the nerves not caring too much about the details and letting someone else take care of the little stuff. In the end, we’ve been able to check a monumental occasion off our list with the wedding rapidly approaching. It’s gonna be a big year, and a great one at that!

Has your wedding planning taken over all of your free time or have you found time to do other big things?


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‘I Do’ and That’s It?

We’re getting down to crunch time! The marriage license application has been sent, final payment has been made, home party invites have been mailed, and now we wait. In 3 weeks, we’ll be in paradise!

Last week, I received an email from the hotel’s wedding department with our wedding day itinerary. Being left in the dark about the big day until now hasn’t really bothered me except for when people asked me how the planning is going. Uh, we’re done. Have been for a while. We’ve left most of the actual planning in the hands of the hotel….just the way we wanted it.

So when I read the wedding day plan…

  • 5:00: Groom comes to lobby for 1st set of pictures
  • 5:15: Bride escorted from her room for pictures in lobby
  • 5:30: Ceremony begins. Photographer takes pics during and after ceremony at wedding site
  • 6:30: Ceremony and pictures conclude

…I thought it was perfectly simple and sweet. Normally, a reception immediately following the ceremony is expected but we didn’t want to do the expected, we wanted to do things our way and the island way- laid back and low stress. I’m starting to think we’re already on ‘island time’! We don’t have anything planned after the ceremony and the home party has taken on a life of it’s own – we both agree, that is our ‘something after the wedding’, it’s just going to happen a month later.

Someone actually said to me, “Isn’t that going to be kind of anti-climactic for you? ‘I do’, then you’re done?”

Well, no…the ‘I do’ part is our climax! Afterwards, we envision opening a bottle of champagne, doing a toast with our friends and families, then jumping in the pool!


The simple fact is that our number one goal is to promise to love and honor each other for the rest of our lives with our families and friends sharing in the joy that is our marriage. Number 2 is to relax and enjoy the vacation. Reception to follow…one month later.

My best advice is if you are planning to go against the grain, do it. It’s your day and no one should be allowed to dictate your wedding day but you and your fiance.

Have you/did you deal with any negative feedback regarding your planning of your day?

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Eating My Moniker

This past weekend, we took a little walk down to Vines on Clark, our home party venue, to sample some tasty treats and figure out what we wanted for our 3 appetizers. Funny thing is Addie, the event planner, told us to pick a few things off the menu that we haven’t had before. Um….hmmm…..considering we order at least once a week from them, that was gonna be tough!

We already knew we wanted the coconut crusted shrimp and the toasted ravioli at our party, so it was a matter of choosing one more. For our tasting, we did just what she suggested and ordered the few things we haven’t tried.

Up first was the white bean humus…

So so tasty, but my main concern was double dipping. I know, I know, our guests know better, but after watching an episode of Food Detectives that proved that just one double dip swipe would spread a bazillion bacteria through the rest of the dip, I was turned off by the idea.

Second was the calamari…

Again, super-duper yummo, but after it sat for 10 minutes in between nibbles, it got a little cold and rubbery.

Finally, the yellowfin tuna…

Mmmmmm, but no. Very tasty, however semi-raw fish sitting out for a few hours just doesn’t seem appealing. I don’t want anyone the next day saying “That was a rockin’ party!” into their toilet bowl. From too much alcohol? Maybe. But food poisoning? I can’t do that to my friends and family. Plus we already had one seafood item on our menu.

So after a nice free lunch and the ability to say I’ve now tried every appetizer Vines has to offer, I mentioned the buffalo nachos to Addie and how much I heart them. Remember one of my first WB pics?

Mmmm, buffalo nacho goodness. Well……Addie had a suggestion that couldn’t be more fitting. A. Frickin’. Build. Your. Own. Nacho. Bar. I was sold. I mean, how could I, Miss Nachos, say no to a build your own nacho bar???

So even though in the end we didn’t choose anything we had at our tasting, we left with full tummies and a menu that makes me happy.

Did you end up picking something for your menu that you didn’t anticipate?

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I Heart Mr. Nachos

And I am one good fiance.

Mr. Nachos knew he found the perfect wedding duds the moment he tried them on – all white, crisp linen pants and a button down shirt. The pants were about 437 inches too long, but he planned to take them to the cleaners eventually and get them altered. In the mean time, he bought these to wear on the wedding day…

Comfy and cute and they looked just fine. Fast forward to yesterday – he picked up his freshly altered pants from the cleaners and they did a fantastic job. But when he put it all together, more of the dark shoes showed and they looked like a big poop stain on a fresh layer of fluffy snow. So we hit the interwebs and searched for some white flip-flops. But let me tell you, unless you’re a woman or willing to suck up the pain of wearing $3 Old Navy plastic flippy floppies that hurt his feet, white ones are hard to find! We searched and searched, finding a few that would work but weren’t available in his size. And I could tell he was getting to the point of frustration that I was at when trying to find my shoes. Then I found these on eBay…


I heart Rocket Dogs almost as much as I heart Mr. ‘Chos. He wasn’t sure. They had the thick canvas strap that he was looking for and the price was right, but he was frustrated and he didn’t want to look anymore.

So today at work I went online and bought them. Yep, I sure did. I figured if they don’t fit/look right/whatever, he didn’t spend a dime on them. If they do work, no more frustration and he has his shoes. I’ll let you all know how they look when we get them. Keep your fingers crossed for Mr. Nachos’ (perfect?) footwear!

p.s. I wanted to take a picture of him wearing his flip-flops but he wouldn’t let me, so I chased him around the house trying to get a picture of his feet – we ended up laughing so hard until there were tears…this is the best I could get for you all, hee hee…

Nacho feet 1 second before he jumped over me

Did you or your FI fret over wedding day shoes?

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Anything to Make My Sparkle Sparkly


Since I’ve had my ring, I’ve been using the bottle of jewelry cleaner that came with it. Recently I started running a little low on the magic liquid in a pump, and I started getting nervous about what to use once I squeeze every last drop out of the bottle. My mom has always been a fan of straight ammonia in a glass. I remember walking past her ring soaking on the kitchen counter and the fumes would go straight up my nose. When I worked for a dermatologist, we’d all put our jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner that was meant to clean the instruments before sterilizing them. Kinda gross now that I think about it. A few weekends ago when we met with Mr. N’s Aunt for house hunting, she offered up her secret…

  • Put water in a mug.
  • Put mug in microwave for 2 minutes.
  • Add a few drops of liquid dish soap (not the stuff you put in the dishwasher, more like Ivory Liquid or Dawn).
  • Drop in ring and let sit till water cools.
  • Rub with a toothbrush (I’ve been using my trusty eyeshadow brush cause it’s more gentle).
  • Rinse.

So simple. Seemed too simple actually, but I still tried it as soon as I got home. I was a little unsure about the dish soap on white gold and diamonds, but I figured if she’s been doing this to her ring for years and it looks as great as it does, it couldn’t hurt to try. Oh. My. Goodness. My ring hasn’t looked as clean/clear/sparkly as it did the day I got it until now! And I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I swear it stays clean longer. Last time I cleaned it was a week ago and it’s still catching my eye more than usual.

*sidenote* Make sure you put the soap in AFTER you microwave the water or else you may end up panicking when you look over and see a wall of foam rising from the mug and drenching your entire microwave. Um, I mean that’s what I’ve been told. I didn’t do that, I swear. Ahem.

Do you have any easy cleaning methods using stuff that most people already have around their home? (those are my favorite kind cause I’m a lazy butt and don’t want to go to the store)

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I’m No Longer a Virgin

Hive, I did it. I went all the way. And my first time was with a girl named Brandi.

I have to say for my first pedicure – I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. It was a little weird having someone clipping my toenails. Ew, it even sounds gross in my head even though it’s already happened. OK, I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot weird having someone rubbing lotion between my toes. But I’m determined to make my toadies look their best for the wedding. And the massage chair was excellent, I wanted to take it home with me but I couldn’t figure out how to get it past the receptionist. Oh and Brandi…Brandi was awesome – one of those ’round peg in a square hole’ types that had me laughing the whole time. And here they are…I present to you my deflowered tootsies…

I promised Brandi I would come in to see her for my wedding pedicure, and with us being a month out, it’ll be perfect timing! I’ll definitely be going with something a little more pink for the wedding though.

Do you have any toe color recommendations that would look good for an island wedding?

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The Cards Have Been Sent

Our invitations were finished. They were printed. They were stamped. They sat in a box for 2 weeks in my kitchen. Then finally, I got a bug up my butt and decided to stamp and stuff them. The last thing I wanted to do was go back and seal them all.

Mr. Nachos to the rescue….

After napping through my stuffing, he figured the least he could do was glue!

Doggies wanted to help but getting glue out of their fur wouldn’t be much fun so I told them they could watch. Mr. N glued all 68 invitations and they went out in the mail last Wednesday. And guess what? We already got one back saying yes…at least we know two people will be there! We’re getting down to the wire now 🙂

Were you excited to get RSVPs back? Are you worried like me that you’ll end up making endless phone calls because people won’t send them back?

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