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I Finally Found My Center…

…one piece at a time! I think I’ve kept you all waiting long enough. So here they are, all the pieces put together on my kitchen counter:

Throw in some crystals…

I think they look very romantic ūüôā And the fact that one centerpiece lights up my whole kitchen makes me think 15 sets are gonna look amazing! So here it is…

The budget breakdown (15 tables total):

Large vase = $3.95 each

Wine glasses: $0.45 each, 2 per table = $0.90

Votives and holders: most were free from FMIL, bought 19 more holders for $1.50 each, so technically for us = $1.90 per table

Flowers: $24.48 for 4 strands = $1.63 per table

Crystals: $45 for 300 = $3.00 per table

Tealights: $3.99 for 50 at Walgreens = $0.27 per table

Total per centerpiece = $11.65

Whatcha think?


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R√©pondez s’il vous pla√ģt!

While designing our RSVPs and coming up with proper wording, I had to¬†figure out how to keep these two clowns out…


I’m¬†guessing I’m not alone in this, but we have some concerns about people bringing uninvited guests to the home party. And I’m also sure most of you can relate –¬†when you’re paying a certain amount per person, every head counts! Our¬†shindig, aka cocktail party,¬†will be by no means as formal as a traditional wedding reception tends to be, but we do still have to pay per person.¬†Scott and I are both¬†worried not everyone will realize this though.¬†And when I showed Scott a mock-up of the RSVP cards that I made, he was concerned about the “Number of attendees:______” line.


Fill-in-the-blank could get dicey! So I poked around online a little and found my solution…

It seems some¬†online opinions¬†were that this method is¬†tacky¬†but, although¬†it may not be proper ettiquette, our RSVP cards aren’t exactly traditional to begin with! The new line¬†will keep us from having to make awkward phone calls¬†had anyone decided to take the guest list into their own hands. And luckily we’ll have a bouncer with a guest list at the door¬†to ward off any wedding crashers wearing one of these beauties…


Are you concerned about unexpected guests at your wedding/reception?

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Finding My Center, One Piece at a Time: The Flowers

The last piece I needed for the centerpieces was flowers for the big vases. This proved to be a challenge – every time¬†I walked into Joann Fabrics or Michaels, of course I found flowers, but not exactly what I was looking for. I looked around online and still couldn’t find what I was picturing in my head. That’s when Scott hopped on his computer and started looking at things I hadn’t thought of – leis, garland, etc. Such a smart Nacho! I figured leis wouldn’t work because I’d want to cut off those little plastic doodads in between the flowers, but then they’d all be sitting on top of each other. Scott found a website, 1888flowermall, and they had pretty looking garland for pretty cheap! I found these and scooped them right up….



They were inexpensive and I thought they’d look pretty as-is in the vases. But then I got them and they’re, well, leafy.

In these pictures they don’t look too bad, but in person, they do look a little on the¬†plastic-y side, and they’re very pink, not lavender. Too many leaves, too many stems. But I figured¬†I have them,¬†let’s see what I can do with them, so last night I started pulling them apart. I basically took the flowers off the stems and attached 2 together with wire. I’m going to have to invest in some green floral wire, for now all I had was a little piece of thick black wire so bear with me. I tested it out in a vase and here’s a sneak peek of the large vase in¬†a finished centerpiece…

Not bad! I may have to get more garland because I’m not sure I have enough flowers for 15 vases, but that shouldn’t be a problem, we have plenty of time. And I’ll be stringing green wire through the entire stem so I can shape it better because it floated just under the candles and I’d feel better if it was sitting below the water level. Plus I’ll be able to hide the stems in the vase a little better if I have more control over the shape of the stem. So now that I have all of my pieces, I promise, a mock-up is a-comin’!

Have you ordered something online that wasn’t quite what you expected¬†once you saw it in person?

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Salvation Army to the Rescue

After finding new centerpiece inspiration, I was on a hunt for the long-stem votive holders in this picture…


I found plenty of them online but they were all a lot more than I was hoping to spend.


For these ones at $13.44 for 6, putting 2 on each table would cost us almost $70. I looked around online some more and everything I found was going to cost us around the same, if not more. So I decided to see what the Salvation Army had to offer. I hit the thrift store yesterday and they had tons of wine glasses and a few candle holders. I started liking the idea of having mismatched glassware on the tables of varying heights and shapes, so I scooped up 30 pieces of glassware for $0.45 each! And after a quick run through the dishwasher….

…we have more glassware than I’ll know what to do with after the party! The cashier kept telling me I could send his wedding invitation to the Salvation Army. Um, yeah, I’ll get right on that, Rose¬†ūüôā Anywho, for a grand total of $14, I had another piece to the centerpiece puzzle!

Have you gotten any of your wedding items from a thrift store?

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Contouring Your Boobalas

Yes my friends, makeup is not just for your face anymore! I’m gonna show you all with¬†smaller breast-es-es my little secret that is so easy, it’s sick. But first I’ll give you a moment to grab your bronzer and/or darkish eyeshadow, a blush brush and your boobies. Ok, don’t actually grab your boobies.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Ok, all set?

No makeup

Use your brush with some bronzer or dark eyeshadow and make a ‘V’ down your cleavage and over the top of the ladies, and viola!

Instant tata illusion!

It’s subtle but makes a difference ūüôā Unless you’re SUPER careful, I do not recommend doing this when you’re going to wear a white dress, but this can definitely come in handy for other occasions.

*funny sidenote* I asked Scott if I could use his camera cause I wanted to take pictures of¬†my chest and he was all “What? You’re gonna take pictures of your boobs for Weddingbee???”


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Anxiety Disorder + Wedding Planning

=Frazzilicious Nachos

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder oh, about 10 years ago. It started when I was in cosmetology school and¬†it got to the point where I wouldn’t get in a car cause I knew I’d have a panic attack if I did. I saw a therapist for a while¬†who¬†would condition his patients by exposing them to the thing they feared most, using baby steps of course. So for¬†one hour a few times a week, he got paid $100 to sit in my passenger seat while I drove around the neighborhood and freaked out on the inside. I have to say over time, it worked wonders and I pretty much have anxiety under control. I wouldn’t be able to sit in the hour-long Chicago rush hour to and from work everyday if I didn’t!¬†However, you never get rid of it, you learn how to control it, and¬†the panic monster still has a tendency to sneak up on me at random unexpected times, usually when I’m stressed. Problem is, I don’t always know that I’m stressed until I panic. It’s my body’s way of relieving stress since I don’t do it on my own. Hence the disorder.

Ok, now that¬†you’re all caught up on how my silly¬†brain works, I’ll tell you how this relates to now. I had my first wedding-related anxiety attack yesterday on my way home when I was sitting in this…


Yep, that’s the highway I take, and yep, it looks like that my whole drive home. It would probably provoke anxiety in anyone, but I’m ok most days.

For some reason I relate certain panic attacks to whatever song was playing on the radio at the time, and now every time I hear Michael Buble’s¬†“Haven’t Met You Yet”, I will forever remember yesterday. I was fine, singing along, happy the workday was over, then I started thinking about the wedding. In 2 months. I’m getting married again. And the plane. No control on a plane. Squished in like sardines with nowhere to go. And standing with all eyes on me getting ready to walk down the aisle. They’re all gonna be staring at me. My heart started pounding. I started breathing faster. And I got light headed. And sweaty. And I thought, “oh God, not now, there’s nowhere to pull over”. So I opened the window for a blast of cold air and I called a few people because talking about anything usually snaps me out of it before I start hyperventilating and my hands and feet go numb. But no one answered so I had to get through it on my own. I focused on the cool air, my breathing, and Scott. And I thought about the Cubs games we’re going to this summer, and getting tipsy at the street fests. And moving into a new apartment. And having babies and how great of a dad he’s going to be. And¬†slowly¬†everything was¬†good in my head again. Without anyone to talk to, I thought all about the fun things to look forward to. Not that the wedding isn’t one of them by any means, I just thought about the non-life-changing, stress-free events coming up and how much I’ll enjoy them and I was able to calm myself down.

I know it’s probably not going to be the last wedding related anxiety attack I have between now and April, which scares me a little because I truly hate them. And I’m a little mad at my brain because I really have not felt stressed much at all since the planning started, but apparently the stress is in there and it’s trying to get out. But like yesterday, I will get through it.

If you can relate and are willing to share, has anxiety disorder caused you any problems during your planning?

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Tips For a Smooth Hair Trial

I have yet to have my hair trial and I will be sure to post pics when I do, but for now I wanted to give you all a few tips for getting the look that you want just right from a stylists’ perspective. Use these tips for both the trial run and the wedding day.¬†And while I’m sure some of them are obvious, some people forget once they’re sitting in the chair.

1. Come with dry dirty hair


Ok, not that dirty!

Clean hair is very slippery which makes it hard to pin up and create long-lasting curls. If you can stand it, wash your hair the day before, but skip the shampoo the day of. It also blows my mind when a client comes in with¬†freshly washed¬†wet hair before an updo. That extra time needed to blowdry cuts into the stylist’s updo-playtime, silly!

2. Bring all of your possible hair accessories with you



Bring along your veil, tiara, flowers, rhinestones, anything you may want to put in your hair the day of. Even if you bought something along the way but aren’t sure you want to use it, bring it anyway and see if it may work with the style you come up with.

3. Wear a button down or zip-up shirt


Pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes people forget. I actually did a bride’s hair¬†that forgot this and wore a t-shirt the day of her wedding. Luckily it was an old¬†shirt because she later told me that she had her bridesmaid cut it off her with a scissors when they got home.

4. Bring pictures

(source) modified by me

Most stylists are visual people and sometimes the image you have in your head is hard to articulate. If you like the front of a style in one picture and the back in another, bring both pics and tell your stylist what you do and don’t like about them.

5. Talk about price when you book the appointment


Some salons will charge full price for a trial run. Others may charge less if you book your wedding day appointment. Make sure you find out before your appointment so there are no surprises when you go to pay!

6. If you have to cancel or reschedule, give your stylist lots of notice


We tend to book a large chunk of time for a trial run because we know it could take a few tries to get the look you really want. Time is money people! And it sucks to have a last-minute cancellation and end up with an hour and a half of free time. So if you have to reschedule, keep your stylist happy and call ahead! Free time=no pay=sad stylist


(source) – though I think this stink-face says it all

If you don’t like the way your hair looks, don’t fake a smile (or look like someone farted)¬†and tell him/her that you love it, then walk out and bitch about how you hate it. Tell your stylist! I promise, you will not be hurting¬†his/her feelings.¬†I promise, I promise, I promise.¬†The trial is all about perfecting your vision for the wedding day, so why leave with something you don’t like and risk having the same thing done¬†on the big day? Your stylist wants nothing less than for you to be happy when you walk out that door, but remember we’re not mind readers!

I think that just about¬†covers it. If you’ve had your trial run or even your wedding already, do you have any other tips I didn’t mention to help your appointment go smoothly?

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